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Speech Pathology Salary in Massachusetts - MA

Massachusetts Speech-Language Pathologist Salaries

Forty eight percent of speech language pathologists work in the educational services sector of this profession according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. But, these professionals can work in many settings including with the elderly in senior living communities, and the NICU helping to evaluate tiny premature babies. As well, you can work in a hospital or a physician's office when licensed as a Speech language pathologist.

The national average pay for SLPs is $66,130 annually, meaning that not only are these professionals in high demand but they are also compensated well. In Massachusetts, you are required to hold to an even higher standard of education in the profession and you are rewarded with a slightly higher average annual pay of $64,440. Following is a list of some of the larger cities in Massachusetts along with corresponding salary information for speech language pathologists.

Boston, Massachusetts Speech Pathologist Salary, $109,000
Worcester, Massachusetts Speech Pathologist Salary, $94,000
Springfield, Massachusetts Speech Pathologist Salary, $100,000
Cambridge, Massachusetts Speech Pathologist Salary, $109,000
Lowell, Massachusetts Speech Pathologist Salary, $106,000
Brockton, Massachusetts Speech Pathologist Salary, $108,000

Massachusetts Speech Language Pathologist Organizations

Massachusetts Speech-Language-Hearing Association is the premier organization in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts dedicated to the hardworking professionals in the speech-language-hearing professions, such as speech-language pathologists and Audiologists.

Massachusetts Speech-Language-Hearing Association
411 Waverly Oaks Rd, Suite 331B
Waltham, Massachusetts 02452
(781) 647-7031

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