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Speech Pathology Salary in Pennsylvania - PA

The average annual income for speech language pathologists in Pennsylvania is $90,000.  Salaries in Philadelphia are slightly higher than in other major cities in the state, but overall, incomes for speech therapists in the state have not fluctuated too much in the past ten years.  The only year that annual incomes dropped for speech therapists practicing in Pennsylvania was between 2006 and 2007, but the drop was less than 2%. 

Pennsylvania Speech-Language Pathologist Salaries

The industry that a speech therapist works in also largely determines the annual salary.  For example, therapists working in home health care or nursing care facilities tend to make about 30% more, on average, than therapists working at elementary and secondary schools.

The following is a list of the average Pennsylvania speech pathologist salary by major cities:

  • Allentown:  $80,000
  • Bethlehem:  $81,000
  • Erie:  $79,000
  • Philadelphia:  $87,000
  • Pittsburgh:  $80,000
  • Reading:  $80,000
  • Scranton:  $61,000


Information about continuing education credits and requirements may be found at either of the two Associations’ websites listed below.

Pennsylvania Speech Language Hearing Association
800 Perry Hwy, Suite 3
Pittsburgh, PA  15229
Tel: 412-366-9858
Fax:  412-366-8804
Email: [email protected]

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)
2200 Research Boulevard
Rockville, MD 20850-3289
Tel: 800-638-8255
Fax: 301-296-8580

Continuing Education and Licensure Renewal for Pennsylvania Speech Language Pathologists

In Pennsylvania, speech language pathologists must renew their licenses every even-numbered year on July 31st.  The renewal fee is $46.  Current license holders will be notified of their license’s impending expiration two or three months in advance.  Speech therapists must also complete continuing education courses in order to renew.  A list of all acceptable continuing education programs can be found at the Board’s website.  Ten hours of continuing education per two-year term may include lectures given by the applicant or publications authored by the applicant.

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