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Educational Requirements for Speech and Language Pathologists in Connecticut

Applicants for certification in Connecticut to become licensed Speech and Language Pathologists must fulfill the educational requirements for certification by the American Speech Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). This includes either holding a master's or doctorate degree in Speech and Language Pathology, or holding a Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) under the ASHA requirements. To become certified, a minimum of 75 semester credit hours must be completed through speech pathology schools in Connecticut, with 36 of those being at the graduate level. Individual graduate courses must be in four areas: biological science, physical science, mathematics, and social/behavioral sciences.  The education program from which you graduate must be ASHA approved. A list of approved educational programs can be found at www.asha.org/students/academic/EdFind/default.htm.

The state of Connecticut also requires a Supervised Professional Experience (SPE). This work experience must be completed under the supervision of a licensed speech and language pathologist in Connecticut. A minimum of 36 weeks and 1080 hours of full-time employment, or a minimum of 48 weeks and 1440 hours of part-time employment must be completed. At least 6 sessions per month of supervision for a total of 4 hours must be completed. At least 2 hours of this, over 2 sessions per month, must include direct, on-site observation of the candidate's performance by the supervisor.

While the state of Connecticut does not require Continuing Education courses for its Speech and Language Pathologists to remain certified, the ASHA does require those who hold a CCC to maintain certification through taking 30 continuing education hours over a 3 year period. A list of requirements by the ASHA for what those 30 hours entail can be found at www.asha.org/certification/slp_standards.htm.

Through campus or online programs, aspiring Speech Pathologists in Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven and Stamford, Connecticut may be able to prepare themselves for the possibility of employment in some of the largest hospitals and healthcare facilities in the state including the Bridgeport Hospital, New Haven Hospital, St. Vincent's Medical Center and Danbury Hospital.
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