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District of Columbia Speech Language Pathology Schools - Washington, DC

Those interested in being at the center of the nation might find Washington, DC as an ideal location to live and establish a career. The nation’s capital offers a constant whirl of activities, political and non-political.

Along with many national treasures like the White House, Lincoln Memorial and Arlington National Cemetery, the nation’s movers and shakers enjoy fine dining and top of the line entertainment.  Washington DC is also within driving distance of many other urban and cultural centers like New York City and Philadelphia.

Education/Curriculum/Courses for Speech Pathologists in Washington, DC

Most BS in Speech Pathology programs will include basic science, communication sciences, social and behavioral sciences, general education and humanities classes.  They usually include clinical training, too.

An example of a BS program curriculum can be: anatomy and physiology of Speech Mechanism, Oral Communication for Professionals, Language Processing, Acquired Speech & Language Disorders, Developmental Language Disorder, Clinical Audiology, Anatomical & Physiological Bases of Speech, Educational Psychology, Human Anatomy & Physiology, and Statistics.

After graduation, students need to enroll in a masters program offered either online or through campus based speech pathology schools in Washington, DC.  Programs through these schools will include clinical training and most include research activities.  An example of an MS program curriculum might include: Language & Speech Neurology, Perception & Acoustics of Speech Disorders, Clinical Procedures & Principles, Language Acquisition in Children, Stuttering, Autism, Disorders in Motor Speech, Communication Disorders Management in a School Setting, Clinical Phonetics & Articulation Disorders, and Disorders in Motor Speech.

Generally, a Speech-Language Pathology program takes six to eight semesters, depending on the type of prerequisite and pre-professional courses already completed.
After the coursework is completed, most programs have a postgraduate clinical fellowship of approximately 36 weeks.  Once all of this work is done, students can take the Educational Testing Services examination for Speech-Language Pathology, which was developed for American Speech-Language Hearing Association.  Finishing all of this, a professional is qualified to be Certified for Clinical Competence. 

Through campus or online programs, aspiring Speech Pathologists in Washington, D.C. / District of Columbia may be able to prepare themselves for the possibility of employment in some of the largest hospitals and healthcare facilities in the district, including the Washington Hospital Center, George Washington University Medical Center and Providence Hospital.
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