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Missouri Speech Language Pathology Schools - MO

Missouri Speech Language Pathologist Schools

A Bachelor's degree in Communication Disorders or Speech Language Pathology will take four to five years to complete. Students can focus their general education classes toward their degree, taking classes in phonetics, statistics, the history of biology, psychology, sociology, anthropology, chemistry, anatomy, and other liberal arts courses.

Students focus their undergraduate study on psychology, phonetics, linguistics, anatomy and physiology of speech, language acquisition, multicultural issues, speech and language disorders, and audiology. It may be possible to overlap general education classes with major classes, but this is highly dependent on how the university's structures their undergraduate curriculum.

Most of Missouri's Communication Disorder and Speech-Language Pathology programs require students to observe licensed Speech Language Pathologists in a clinical setting, and gain experience once they have reached senior status. Students can work with children or adults in a clinical or school setting when they complete their practicum experience.

A graduate degree in Communication Disorders or Speech-Language Pathology takes two years to three years complete, and can cost up to $ 40,000, depending on where students go to graduate school.  Students normally balance their curriculum by completing their clinical practice time alongside their graduate classes.

Graduate classes through speech pathology schools in Missouri focus on neurogenetic disorders, language disorders, speech disorders, aural rehabilitation, and special topics within the field. Most programs offer classes in dysphagia and ventilator dependency, fluency disorders, voice disorders, aphasia and dementia, motor speech disorders, early childhood language, oralfacial anomalies, and interventions for the deaf.

Licensed Speech-Language Pathologists are required to obtain 30 continuing education credits before they renew their licenses. Speech-Language Pathologist's licenses expire every two years in Missouri, and can be refreshed by taking postgraduate classes or by attending educational seminars, grand rounds, classes, conferences, or gatherings focused on forwarding a Speech-Language Pathologist's understanding of the profession and how it is changing.

Speech-Language Pathologists can also gain continuing education credits by studying on their own or by taking courses online. All continuing education credits, including grand rounds, academic classes, and educational gatherings, must be approved by the State, the Missouri Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Through campus or online programs, aspiring Speech Pathologists in Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield and Independence, Missouri may be able to prepare themselves for the possibility of employment in some of the largest hospitals and healthcare facilities in the state including the St. Johns Mercy Medical Center, St. Anthony’s Medical Center, Barnes Jewish Hospital and Missouri Baptist Medical Center.
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