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With the average annual salary for Speech Language Pathologists in Rhode Island sitting at around $97,000 for current job openings, this field offers a win-win scenario. Those who go into this field normally do so for the pleasure of helping others and other intrinsic rewards that come from working in such a specialized field. The salary is just another benefit. The road to being a licensed Speech Language Pathologist in Rhode Island may be a long one, but the journey serves those who choose it well in the end.

Speech-Language Pathologist Schools in Rhode Island

The educational requirements for becoming a Speech Language Pathologist in Rhode Island extend to the Master level. Students can begin by completing high school and enrolling in a program that leads to a Bachelor degree. Once the bachelor degree is earned, students can continue on to enroll in a graduate program online or through campus based speech pathology schools in Rhode Island that are accredited by the American Speech – Language – Hearing Association. If the graduate program is not accredited by this association, students should be prepared to complete extra steps in order to be certified. Students will need to be certified as a step toward obtaining their Rhode Island license in this area.

Students should expect to take courses involving speech, linguistics, physiology and acoustics among their coursework. The program should also contain a clinical practicum followed by a minimum of a yearlong Fellowship. This offers the student an opportunity to practice the knowledge they have gained. To maintain licensure as well as certification, those who are licensed in this field are required to complete at least 30 continuing education requirements every three years. This helps the individual to keep up on the latest developments and advancements in this field.

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Through campus or online programs, aspiring Speech Pathologists in Providence, Warwick, Cranston and Pawtucket, Rhode Island may be able to prepare themselves for the possibility of employment in some of the largest hospitals and healthcare facilities in the state including the Rhode Island Hospital, Kent Hospital, Our Lady of Fatima Hospital and The Miriam Hospital.
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