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Speech Therapy Salaries in Arkansas - AR

Recently, a study determined that the median speech therapy salaries in Arkansas ranged between $57,360 and $62,530. However, what was even more amazing was the fact that the highest paid speech language pathologists in Arkansas were making an average of $99,760 every year; so there is no doubt that both beginners and experienced professionals are making good money with careers in speech language pathology.

Premature births have been shown to be linked to late speech development, and by some estimates about 30% of those born prematurely will experience some challenges with language as they approach age two. Between 1997 and 2007, the number of babies born prematurely in Arkansas (before 37 weeks' gestation) increased by 11%. Still, 13.9% of babies born each year in Arkansas are born prematurely; and yet another 9.1% of babies are born at low birthweight (under 5-1/2 pounds). Statistically, Arkansas did not meet the Healthy People 2010 objective of less than 5% of births considered to be of low birthweight. Because prematurity and low birthweight can cause birth defects which lead to suboptimal speech patterns, speech therapists in Arkansas may see an increase in job opportunities because of this.

Below you will see some average annual incomes for speech therapists in Arkansas:

  • Fayetteville: $51,690
  • Fort Smith: $66,020
  • Jonesboro: $60,730
  • Little Rock: $68,700
  • Conway: $68,700
  • West Arkansas: $69,090

Salary figures are courtesy of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

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