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Speech Therapy Salaries in Connecticut - CT

In May of 2009, the median speech therapist salary in Connecticut was $77,320. Yet, some of the top professionals in this field were making anywhere from $90,950 to $110,310.  Even at the lowest reported annual income of $50,610, speech language pathologists in Connecticut were most definitely well paid. Recent graduates, however, should expect to make between $24.33 and $37.18 per hour, depending on facility type and geographic location.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for speech language pathologists is likely to grow by a minimum of 19% through the year 2018; but what is contributing to this growth? Well, factors like stroke and cerebrovascular disease are among some of the most prevalent. The Connecticut Department of Health estimates that during 2002, nearly 7,600 hospitalizations were the result stroke. While about 1,800 Connecticut residents died that year from stroke, about 5,800 were left to live with the effects of cerebrovascular disease; and a large number of these patients needed the assistance of a speech therapist that could help them learn to speak and communicate again.

Below are the average incomes for speech therapists in Connecticut:

  • Bridgeport: $78,430
  • Danbury: $80,600
  • Hartford: $78,520
  • New Haven: $70,930
  • Waterbury: $78,140

Annual figures provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

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