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Speech Therapy Salaries in Hawaii - HI

According to a study done by the March of Dimes, every year nearly 2,374 babies are born prematurely (before 37 weeks’ gestation) in Hawaii, which accounts for nearly 12.4% of all babies born each year. However, the statewide objective for preterm births is much lower at 7.6%. At this point, you are probably wondering why this is important. Well, recent studies have shown that approximately 30% of all babies who are born prematurely will incur speech delays by the age of 20 months. In Hawaii, this represents about 712 children every year who could potentially develop speech impairment conditions. Children who experience development delays with speech will be referred to a speech language pathologist to help them progress with their speaking, comprehension, and reading skills.

Because Hawaii statistically has a higher-than-normal percentage of premature births, the demand for speech therapists in Hawaii has continued to grow. At this point in time, there are just 340 qualified speech language pathologists throughout the entire island. With the Bureau of Labor Statistics expecting demand in this profession to increase by a minimum of 19% within the next 8 years, it is fair to say that speech therapy careers in Hawaii are likely to be needed, prosperous, and available.

While the average speech therapist salary in Hawaii is $64,000; the average speech language pathologist salary levels throughout Hawaii include:

  • Honolulu: $60,000
  • Hilo: $52,000
  • Oahu: $61,000
  • Kailua: $60,000


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