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Speech Therapy Salaries in Idaho - ID

Speech therapists deal with a variety of different patients, including those affected by stroke and Parkinson’s disease. However, they also play a crucial role in helping children with speech impairments learn to speak and communicate effectively. Recent studies have shown approximately 30% of children born prematurely will develop speech language delays before their second birthday. In 2007, approximately 10.5% of babies in Idaho were born prematurely, generally before 37 weeks of gestation; which accounted for nearly 2,633 births. Every year, almost 800 children in Idaho are at risk for developing speech impairment.

Currently, about 310 qualified speech-language pathologists work in Idaho. Yet, with just the demographic of children born prematurely, the working staff of speech therapists in Idaho is somewhat slim; and this does not even include demand among patients seeking treatment for rehabilitation due to stroke or Parkinson’s disease. With only a small percentage of professionals choosing speech therapy as a profession, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that the need for speech-language pathologists in Idaho will increase at least 19% by the year 2018.

The median speech therapist salary in Idaho is about $59,920. However, as per the list below, geographic location does impact annual income for this profession:

  • Boise: $58,290
  • Nampa: $58,290
  • Idaho Falls: $47,000
  • Logan County: $51,360
  • Meridian: $56,000
  • Pocatello: $52,000
  • Blackfoot: $54,000

Annual figures provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics


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