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Speech Therapy Salaries in Indiana - IN

A study released during 2009 revealed that, on average, the speech therapist salary in Indiana was about $65,160.  Interestingly, however, was the fact that experience appeared to be one of the most heavily weighted factors when it came to determining annual income for speech language pathologists. In fact, the highest paid speech therapists in Indiana made an average of $99,080 every year, which shows that there is most definitely financial incentive for those that choose to make speech therapy their life-long career.

One of the reasons that these types of professionals are paid so well is because of the increasing demand for speech therapy. Recent studies have shown that almost 30% of children born prematurely will develop speech language delays. In Indiana, 223 children are born prematurely every week, which totals about 11,606 children per year. Statistically, about 12.9% of all births in Indiana occur prematurely, which is much higher than the national objective of 7.6%. With these statistics, it is possible that every year nearly 4,000 children will be at risk for developing speech impairments. With only 2,070 qualified speech-language pathologists in Indiana, there is certainly a deficit of professionals within this field.

Average salary figures within Indiana:

  • Bloomington: $58,270
  • Columbus: $68,650
  • Goshen: $58,890
  • Evansville: $56,170
  • Fort Wayne: $65,400
  • Gary: $97,470
  • Indianapolis: $64,540
  • Lafayette: $70,820
  • Terra Haute: $64,870

Annual salary figures provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics


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