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Speech Therapy Salaries in Iowa - IA

A recent study found that the average speech therapist salary in Iowa is approximately $57,610, which is an estimated $27.70 per hour.  While there is certainly a substantial amount of money to be made in this career field, one of the most important factors to look at is experience. In Iowa, speech language pathologists with several years of experience were the highest paid at $79,000. However, even the top 25% of professionals made more than $67,190.

Another key factor to look at is demand within the profession.  In 2009, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that job opportunities for speech therapists in Iowa would increase by approximately 19% through the year 2018. This is significant because most general occupations only incur a 9% increase over 10 years. While there are currently about 1,220 speech therapists throughout Iowa, this projection shows a need for an additional 230 or more.

During 2007, the Iowa Department of Public Health found that nearly 8,500 hospitalizations were related to cerebrovascular accident. While about 1,680 residents died, about 6,820 Iowa residents were left to live with the after effects of stroke; many of whom required speech rehabilitation. The incidence of stroke in Iowa is just one the reasons that speech language pathologists are seeing an increasing demand for their services.

Average income levels for speech therapists in Iowa:

  • Davenport: $68,350
  • Des Moines: $58,260
  • Iowa City: $60,520
  • Waterloo: $52,960
  • Cedar Rapids: $60,000

Annual figures provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics


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