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Speech Therapy Salaries in Kansas - KS

During 2009, the median speech therapy salaries in Kansas ranged anywhere from $55,850 to $58,010 per year, an average of $26.85 to $27.89 per hour.  New graduates were found to be making between $21.72 and $26.85 per hour. Notably, however, some of the most experienced professionals were making in excess of $85,520 each year. While experience does appear to play a factor in salary for entry-level therapists, it is important to recognize the financial potential of choosing a career in speech pathology.

One of the reasons that speech therapists are paid so well is because of their contribution to a patient’s quality of life. A recent study indicated that nearly 30% of all children who are born prematurely experience speech language delays before their second birthday. In Kansas, nearly 4,850 babies are born prematurely every year, accounting for 11.6% of all births. If only 30% of these children developed speech impairments, that would be about 1,455 children needing the services of a speech language pathologist. Keep in mind that this is just one demographic in Kansas that could potentially require speech therapy.

Below are some average salary figures for speech therapists throughout Kansas:

  • Lawrence: $55,370
  • Topeka: $64,880
  • Wichita: $64,500

Annual salary figures provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics


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