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Speech Therapy Salaries in Maine - ME

During May of 2009, the average speech therapist salary in Maine was about $55,940, which would have been an average of $26.90 an hour. However, experience seemed to be one of the key factors influencing annual income. The highest-paid 25% of speech therapists in Maine earned roughly $63,370 during 2009, while the top 10% brought in more than $75,190 during that year. New speech therapists should expect to earn between $22.13 and $26.90 per hour, but they should also understand how longevity in this career field can impact their financial potential.

While 5% of deaths every year in Maine are attributed to stroke, a vast majority of patients survive stroke; yet they are left in a debilitated condition which requires them to re-learn nearly every normal function of life, including speech, language and communication. Residents in Maine have significant risk factors for stroke like:

  • High blood pressure (29% of residents)
  • High blood cholesterol (40% of residents)
  • Overweight/obese (61.9% of residents)
  • Cigarette smoking (18.1% of residents)

Statistics like these contribute to the incidence of stroke in Maine, and essentially the need for speech rehabilitation for those that survive. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, career demand for this field could potentially increase 19% by the year 2018. The onset of stroke and risk factors for stroke could be contributing to such an increased demand.

Average salaries for speech therapists throughout Maine:

  • Bangor: $48,930
  • Lewiston: $53,650
  • Portland: $57,740
  • Dover: $60,060
  • West Scarborough: $50,000
  • Sanford: $49,000

Annual salary figures provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics


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