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Speech Therapy Salaries in Michigan - MI

During 2009, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released a research study which revealed that the average speech therapist salary in Michigan was $70,270; somewhat of a higher average than that of most other states. During that year, the majority of speech therapists in Michigan were making about $33.78 an hour. However, the highest reported average annual salary was $101,090. The important thing to recognize is that experience can dramatically affect your income. Essentially, the longer you stick with this profession, the more money you are likely to earn.

One other thing that you may be interested in learning about before you pursue a career in this field is career outlook. The same BLS study found that job opportunities for speech-language pathologists in Michigan were likely to increase at a minimum rate of 19% over the next 8 years. With just 2,740 currently employed in this field, this could potentially create an additional 520 speech therapy jobs in Michigan.

Below are the average annual figures for speech therapists in Michigan:

  • Ann Arbor: $72,900
  • Battle Creek: $67,150
  • Detroit: $73,850
  • Flint: $68,710
  • Grand Rapids: $64,300
  • Holland: $63,980
  • Kalamazoo: $61,540
  • Lansing: $65,630
  • Saginaw: $76,240
  • Troy: $76,220

Annual salary figures provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics


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