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Speech Therapy Salaries in Mississippi - MS

Speech therapists play a crucial role in patient care because of their dedication to a patient’s ability to rehabilitate or improve their speech capabilities. In Mississippi, nearly 5,000 residents experience stroke every year; another 2,000 residents are reported to suffer yearly recurrent strokes. While one-third of residents become disabled as the result of stroke, the Mississippi Department of Health found that there are consistently about 11,000 residents living with functional limitations as a result of stroke. These are the patients who are likely to pursue speech therapy as a means of rehabilitating their inability to speak and communicate normally.

Recently, the Bureau of Labor Statistics determined that the average speech therapy salaries in Mississippi were between $53,870 and $58,900 each year, which would account for an average hourly rate between $25.90 and $28.32. While there is no doubt that speech therapists in Mississippi have a great deal of financial promise, experience seems to be the heaviest salary-impacting factor.  In fact, the top 10% of speech-language pathologists in Mississippi make around $94,200 every year.

Some of the median salary figures throughout the major cities of Mississippi include:

  • Gulfport: $69,200
  • Biloxi: $69,200
  • Hattiesburg: $57,880
  • Jackson: $63,240
  • Pascagoula: $58,370

Annual salary figures provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics


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