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Speech Therapy Salaries in Missouri - MO

Recently, the Bureau of Labor Statistics described the average annual speech therapist salary in Missouri as $61,250, which was an average of $29.45 per hour. While the statewide average is certainly a decent level of income, even more important is the fact that experience as a speech therapist can greatly impact your future financial potential.  In fact, the highest reported average salary for this profession was $88,560, roughly 30% more than the state’s average.

When considering a career in this field, it is also important to look at career growth. Careers in speech therapy are projected to grow by 19% through the year 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. One of the factors contributing to this trend is the increasing rate of premature deliveries. Studies have shown that 30% of premature children develop speech impairments by 20 months of age. In Missouri, nearly 10,247 babies are born prematurely every year, accounting for about 12.5% of all live births. Statistically, this would mean that every year 3,000 children in Missouri will need to consult a speech therapist to help them develop their language and communication skills.

Average salaries throughout Missouri:

  • Columbia: $57,440
  • Jefferson City: $47,670
  • Joplin: $44,520
  • Kansas City: $60,360
  • St. Louis: $63,920
  • Springfield: $59,780
  • St. Joseph: $64,190

Annual salary figures provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics