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Speech Therapy Salaries in Montana - MT

As recently as 2009, the Bureau of Labor Statistics conducted a study which found that the average speech therapy salaries in Montana ranged anywhere from $52,610 to $55,960; an average of $25.29 to $26.90 per hour. One of the reasons that speech therapists are so well paid is the fact that there’s such a growing demand for their services. In fact, this study revealed that career opportunities for this profession were likely to grow by a minimum of 19% between 2008 and 2018. Currently, there are only about 250 speech therapists actively working in Montana. Yet, this workforce does not appear to be sufficient when compared with growing health concerns among Montana residents.

A research study done by the March of Dimes found that nearly 12% of live births in Montana occurred prematurely, generally before 37 weeks of gestation. Unfortunately, this means that every year about 1,472 children in Montana are born prematurely, before their full development in utero is complete. Statistically, about 30% of these children will develop some type of speech impairment. However, speech therapists can help with this by teaching children how to properly use vocabulary, language, and communication.

Speech therapy salaries throughout Montana include:

  • Billings: $58,380
  • Missoula: $55,590
  • Western Montana: $51,880

Annual salary figures provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics


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