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Speech Therapy Salaries in New Hampshire - NH

Recently, the average speech therapy salaries in New Hampshire were found to range between $60,710 and $61,880 annually. While this made for an average hourly wage somewhere between $29.19 and $29.75, the most interesting finding was how much speech therapists with just a few years of career experience could make. The highest reported salary in New Hampshire was $85,660 per year, and even the top 25% of professionals in this field made more than $71,110 during 2009. It seems as though the key to accomplishing your true financial potential in this career field is to stick with it and enhance yourself professionally.

Consider that one of the reasons speech therapists are well paid is because of their contribution to patient healthcare. Recent studies have indicated that nearly 30% of all children born prematurely develop some type of speech impediment by their second birthday. In New Hampshire, nearly 1,400 babies are born prematurely every year; which accounts for about 9.4% of all births throughout the entire state. While these may be unfortunate statistics, they are statistics that contribute to the solidification of career opportunities for speech therapists in New Hampshire.

Here are some speech-language pathologist salaries from various cities throughout New Hampshire:

  • Manchester: $64,590
  • Nashua: $61,970
  • Concord: $62,000
  • Derry Village: $78,000

Annual salary figures provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics


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