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Speech Therapy Salaries in New Mexico - NM

Recently, the average speech therapy salaries in New Mexico were found to range between $60,710 and $61,880 annually. While this made for an average hourly wage somewhere between $29.19 and $29.75, the most interesting finding was how much speech therapists with just a few years of career experience could make. The highest reported salary in New Mexico was $85,660 per year, and even the top 25% of professionals in this field made more than $71,110 during 2009. It seems as though the key to accomplishing your true financial potential in this career field is to stick with it and enhance yourself professionally.

One of the factors contributing to substantial income levels for speech therapists is the projected job outlook. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for this sector are slated to grow by as much as 19% over the course of the next 8 years. If this doesn’t sound like much, consider that most general occupations only grow at a rate of 9% over 10 years. While there are currently about 1,110 speech therapists employed in New Mexico, this prediction could pave the way for more than 200 new speech therapy careers.

Here you find some average speech therapist salaries from various cities within New Mexico:

  • Albuquerque: $61,350
  • Farmington: $61,530
  • Las Cruces: $70,650
  • Santa Fe: $65,390
  • Rio Rancho: $60,000
  • Roswell: $61,000

Annual salary figures provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics


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