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Speech Therapy Salaries in Oklahoma - OK

In 2009, the Oklahoma State Department of Health estimated that about 3.9% of Oklahoma residents had a history of stroke. During that same year, almost 9,000 residents were discharged from a hospitalization where the primary diagnosis was stroke. As a speech therapist, you are probably wondering what this means to you. Well, speech therapists work with poststroke patients who have lost their ability to carry out normal functions, like speaking, reading, and comprehending language. With the incidence of stroke remaining strong in Oklahoma, this is just one area where speech language pathologists are seeing an increasing need for their services.

Also during 2009, the average speech therapist salary in Oklahoma was about $56,850 per year; yet, some of the highest paid of the profession reported making more than $97,260 that year. These salary figures likely belonged to speech therapists with several years of experience, but by looking at these figures, you can see the financial potential with a speech pathology career in Oklahoma.

Furthermore, because geographic location can also impact your annual income, take a look at some of these average salary figures from the different cities within Oklahoma:

  • Oklahoma City: $59,770
  • Tulsa: $58,530
  • Norman: $65,000
  • Lawton: $51,780

Annual salary figures provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics


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