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Speech Therapy Salaries in Utah - UT

If have you been considering a career in speech therapy, then you are probably interested in finding out how much money you can expect to make. Well, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average speech therapy salaries in Utah ranged from $54,920 to $59,620 per year during 2009. Although this was certainly a well-rounded income, the highest paid speech therapists in Utah have reported earning more than $86,640 per year, roughly 31% higher than the state’s average. The key to increasing your salary in this profession is to stick with it, gain experience, and make it your life-long career choice.

Recently, statistics have shown that the need for speech therapists in Utah is steadily growing. One of the reasons this has happened is the increase of hemorrhagic strokes, which account for nearly 17% of all strokes in Utah. Hemorrhagic strokes typically affect the left side of the brain where the processes of speech and communication occur. The effects of these types of strokes often mean speech rehabilitation for the patient. Among Utah residents, the following health concerns are leading to an increased risk for hemorrhagic stroke, and thus the need for professional speech therapists:

  • High cholesterol – 24.9% of residents
  • Hypertension – 21.9% of residents
  • Regular smokers – 11.2% of residents
  • Overweight/obese – 58.2% of residents

Average salaries for speech therapists in Utah:

  • Salt Lake City: $55,140
  • West Valley: $61,000
  • Provo: $59,020
  • West Jordan: $59,000
  • Logan: $51,360
  • Ogden: $64,050

Annual salary figures provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics


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