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Speech Therapy Salaries in Wisconsin - WI

In 2009, the typical speech therapist salary in Wisconsin was about $60,160; however, some of the most experienced professionals in this field reported making more than $81,590 that year; nearly 27% more than the statewide average. While entry-level speech therapists in Wisconsin should expect to make between $24.37 and $28.92 per hour, they should also understand how much their continued dedication to this profession would pay off for them long term.

During that same year, there were approximately 2,410 speech language pathologists actively working throughout Wisconsin. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics conducted a survey that found that the need for professionals in this field was likely to grow by 19% or more through the year 2018. At that rate, this could potentially open up an additional 460 jobs for speech therapists in Wisconsin.

One other aspect worth mentioning is how geographic location can be a factor when considering annual salary figures for speech language pathologists. Below is a list of some of the average salary figures from various cities throughout Wisconsin.

  • Milwaukee: $61,650
  • Madison: $53,480
  • Green Bay: $65,050
  • Eau Claire: $66,600
  • Appleton: $66,850
  • Janesville: $58,570
  • Oshkosh: $63,020
  • Racine: $56,450
  • Wausau: $62,820

Annual salary figures provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

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