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Sports Medicine Degrees in Arizona - AZ

The Arizona Sports Medicine Society (AZSMS) is an organization comprised of professionals within the vast domain of sports medicine. In addition to physicians and orthopedic surgeons, this society includes allied health professionals in sports medicine such as physical therapists, fitness trainers, and coaches. The group exists to help facilitate communication and education among its members. For those wishing to become a member of the AZSMS, the first step is to get a sports medicine degree.

Schools and colleges throughout Arizona have programs in sports medicine available, as do online institutions. Depending upon a student’s eventual career goal, one may seek an undergraduate or graduate degree. Positions such as fitness trainer or physical therapy assistant require an associate’s or bachelor’s degrees, while more advanced positions, like physical therapist, usually require a master’s degree.

Some sports medicine professions in Arizona, such as fitness trainers and physical therapists, also require some sort of national certification and/or state licensure. More information on specific licensure requirements may be obtained by contacting the Arizona State Board of Physical Therapy at (602 )274-0236; or the Arizona Board of Occupational Therapy Examiners at (602) 589-8352.

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