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Sports Medicine Degrees in Connecticut - CT

Students that wish to pursue a career in sports medicine often earn an undergraduate or graduate degree in field-related majors such as exercise science, human performance, physical therapy, sports psychology, and strength and conditioning. Sports medicine degrees in Connecticut are mainly found in colleges and universities in cities like Hamden, New Haven, Storrs, and New Britain. However, several online schools offer sports medicine programs as well. Before committing to a particular school or program, students should research the educational requirements needed to begin a career in the specific occupation in sports medicine they intend to practice.

All sports medicine programs will likely provide education and training in subjects such as kinesiology, physical assessment, human pathology, injury prevention and treatment, therapeutic modalities, nutrition, exercise physiology, and athletic performance. In general, students are advised to select a program that will qualify them to get nationally certified by a recognized agency such as the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

Students that prefer the convenience and flexibility of online schooling can also find programs that offer degrees in sport-exercise psychology, performance enhancement and injury prevention, rehabilitation science, personal training, physical therapy and much more. Many programs may require the completion of pre-requisite courses in biology, human anatomy, mathematics, human physiology, physics, and chemistry.

Some example of specific courses found in sports medicine degree programs in Connecticut include: Kinesiology and Athletic Injury Evaluation, Medical Aspects of Sports and Activity, Therapeutic Exercise, Psychology of Sport, Bionutrition of Exercise and Sport, Rehabilitation of Athletic Injuries, and Sport Biomechanics. 

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