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Sports Medicine Degrees in Idaho - ID

According to, more than half (58%) of Idahoans reported participation in either moderate or vigorous physical activity in 2009.  Although 870,000 residents of the state were counted among those engaged in activities like sports and exercise that get the body moving, 46% of high school students reported that they failed to meet the recommended physical activity level that same year.  A sports medicine degree in Idaho can prepare would be fitness trainers and physical therapists for the job of helping people incorporate exercise into their daily routines as well as equip them with the skills necessary to help those injured in sports, exercise and everyday life overcome their pain through rehabilitative care.

Sports medicine degree holders can work in array of settings including fitness centers, physical therapy facilities and well-known hospitals across the Gem State including Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center, St. Luke's Boise Medical Center and Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center.  Their skills and expertise position them for careers such as physical therapist, nutritionist and fitness trainer, all of which draw heavily on their knowledge of the human body and how best to strengthen and to condition it.  Regardless of what occupation they enter, those who pursue sports medicine careers support the well-being of both athletes and non-athletes whose goal it is to lead productive, healthy, pain-free lives.

Individuals who seek either associate’s or bachelor’s degrees in Illinois’ sports medicine programs receive instruction in health, fitness, anatomy and nutrition so they can thoughtfully apply their textbook knowledge to meaningful careers.  Those who want to earn advanced degrees sharpen their clinical and management skills in graduate level programs that further build on their undergraduate coursework.

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