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In 2009, 55% of Illinois high school students reported they were not involved in any kind of physical activity that increased their heart rate and caused them to breathe hard for some of the time over at least 60 minutes a day for no fewer than five days during a week.  Given the attention the nation focuses on healthy lifestyles that incorporate good diets and regular exercise, these statistics about the well-being of America’s future raise red flags. 

Earning a sports medicine degree in Illinois provides the instruction necessary to reverse this trend by enabling individuals to teach others proper fitness techniques and dietary habits.  Moreover, it enables them to help those who sustain sports related injuries recover by facilitating the appropriate physical therapy.

While many opt to lead personal and group exercise instruction as fitness trainers, other sports medicine degree holders choose to work as nutritionists who help athletes and non-athletes enhance their energy and stamina levels through good eating habits.  While these professionals work to enhance individuals’ lives through proactive efforts to yield optimal outcomes, others with sports medicine degrees choose to enter careers as rehabilitative specialists who leverage their know-how to respond to individuals’ injuries through therapy.

Those who wish to earn either an associate or a bachelor degree in sports medicine engage in classes that provide instruction in anatomy, physiology and fitness.  Programs that lead to master’s degrees deepen students’ understanding of clinical skills in addition to helping them to strengthen their management abilities.

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