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Sports Medicine Degrees in Indiana - IN

In 2008, there were 476 emergency room visits in Indiana for every 1,000 residents of the state.  Based on a population of over 6 million, this totals more than 3 million emergency room visits.  No doubt, in a state like Indiana that is renowned for basketball and other sports, many of these visits were most likely made by athletes.  For this reason, individuals who earn sports medicine degrees in Indiana may find employment opportunities in the Hoosier State in medical facilities like Community Hospital East, Parkview Hospital and Deaconess Hospital.

Working as professionals in rehabilitative and physical therapy allows them to help athletes to manage and to recover from injuries as well as to prevent and to recognize issues of concern.  In addition to supporting the well-being of those hurt in sporting activities, these specialists may provide care to facilitate the orthopedic healing of individuals who incur problems like damaged joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles outside of athletics.  Sports medicine programs enable enrollees to help others overcome their discomfort through exercise as well as strengthening and conditioning regimens that increase their flexibility so they can resume normal, pain-free lives.

Degrees attained during undergraduate sports medicine programs lead to either associate or bachelor credentials.  These are earned through coursework in anatomy, kinesiology and fitness.  Classes for a master’s degree in this field not only deepen learners’ understanding of clinical practice, but also equip them with the management skills they will need to lead patients and clients as well as assistants and aides who work collaboratively with them.

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