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Sports Medicine Degrees in Maine - ME

Practitioners who work in the field of sports medicine treat both athletes and non-athletes at all levels of competition, from beginners to professional athletes. A sports medicine degree in Maine can help you to attain a position in this exciting and versatile field. Schools in Maine offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in various aspects of sports medicine, from fitness training to physical therapy. Colleges that offer these types of programs can be found in the state of Maine in traditional school settings, as well as online.

Programs in sports medicine teach students about the basics and more advanced theories and skills in exercise, nutrition, physiology, anatomy, strength and conditioning, and movement. Such programs may be able to prepare students to work in medical facilities within Maine, including Mercy Hospital, Maine Medical Center, St. Joseph’s Hospital and Brighton Medical Center; as well as in rehabilitation centers, schools, outpatient clinics, and physician’s offices.

Sports medicine professionals may work in conjunction with physicians to conduct tests including maximal, submaximal, resting metabolic tests, and body composition tests, which help them to diagnose and treat problems. Some of the duties of sports medicine practitioners include not only rehabilitating patients after injury or illness, but also helping them learn how to prevent such injury or illness from reoccurring in the future.

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