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Sports Medicine Degrees in Maryland - MD

Sports medicine practitioners in Maryland provide rehabilitative care and treatment to active individuals all across the state. A sports medicine degree in Maryland is vital to acquiring a position working in sports medicine in the state. Depending upon your ultimate career goal, you have a range of schools and colleges from which you may select. Some career choices in sports medicine require undergraduate degrees, while to get into other sports medicine fields, you must have a graduate degree.

An associate degree in sports medicine in Maryland commonly is required for a position as a fitness trainer, who may work in medical offices, rehabilitation centers and medical facilities in the state like Prince George’s Hospital Center, Franklin Square Hospital Center, John Hopkins Medicine and Holy Cross Hospital.
A bachelor degree in one of the fields of sports medicine can help you land a position as a physical therapy assistant or kineisologist. A minimum of a master’s degree is usually necessary for most physical and rehabilitative therapist positions in the state.

Courses that can be found in any sports medicine program will focus on nutrition, weight management, exercise, psychology, physiology, statistics, anatomy, communications, health behavior and ethics.
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