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Sports Medicine Degrees in Massachusetts - MA

Sports medicine professionals provide treatment and rehabilitation services to non-athletes, amateurs, and professional athletes. Students interested in pursuing sports medicine degrees in Massachusetts have a variety of schools from which to choose. As there are many career choices within the field of sports medicine, after graduation from colleges that offer such degrees, job opportunities abound.

Sports medicine has a unique tie to the state of Massachusetts. Dr. Augustus Thorndike, known as the “father of sports medicine,�? worked out of Massachusetts General Hospital in the 1920s and pioneered sports medicine research there. For students who want to work in sports medicine but prefer not to study to become a medical doctor, programs in rehabilitative therapy and physical therapy are the best choices. Other degree possibilities include physiology, kinesiology, and exercise physiology.

Based on your eventual career goal, you may enroll in a two-year degree program, a four-year bachelor degree program, or a graduate program in which you will earn a master’s degree or higher. No matter which sports medicine degree program you choose, courses that will be common to all of them include anatomy, physiology, statistics, research, nutrition, sports psychology, and sports law.

Additionally, many sports medicine degree programs will incorporate a field experience into the educational program, in which students get the chance to put into practice the skills and knowledge they have gained in the classroom.

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