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Sports Medicine Degrees in New Hampshire - NH

What exactly is sports medicine, you may ask? A career in sports medicine can take different people in different directions, as many professions fall under the heading of sports medicine. All of them share a common focus: treatment and rehabilitation of injury due to some type of physical activity or from participation in sports. In New Hampshire, most of these careers require an undergraduate or graduate sports medicine degree. Schools throughout the state and online provide programs in sports medicine, fitness training, physical therapy, physical therapy assisting, and in a variety of other career opportunities classified as sports medicine.

Colleges in New Hampshire that train students to work in the field of sports medicine will offer many of the same classes in nutrition, movement, exercise physiology, anatomy, injury prevention and rehabilitation. Many college programs in sports medicine also require students to participate in field practicums, taking place in real life job settings such as Cheshire Medical Center, Concord Hospital, Catholic Medical Center and Wentworth Douglas Hospital.

Job practicums for college students may also be found in participating schools, physicians’ offices and fitness and rehabilitation centers including Health South Rehabilitation Hospital in Concord, New Hampshire Hospital in Derry, Parkland Medical Center in Dover, Southern New Hampshire Medical Center in Nashua, and the Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital Network in Salem, Nashua, Pelham, Plaistow and Windham.

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