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Sports Medicine Degrees in Wisconsin - WI

Sports medicine continues to be an exciting area of study.  With the rise in health and fitness awareness throughout the country, there is a tremendous need for health care professionals who focus on the special health needs of those pursuing sports and other fitness activities.  From nutrition and athlete training to helping to provide immediate assistance to someone with an injury, those completing sports medicine degrees in Wisconsin would help to provide the support Wisconsin residents need.  According to, in 2009 52.8% of Wisconsin’s adults participated in moderate or vigorous physical activities.  This is in comparison to a national average of 50.9%.  Wisconsin high school students beat the national average as well.  In 2009, 52% of Wisconsin high school students did not meet recommended physical activity levels compared to a national average of 63%.  While Wisconsin does far better than the national average there is still much that needs to be done to encourage physical activity and wellness in all individuals of the community whether they are children, adolescents, adults, or the elderly. 

Those wishing to complete a sports medicine degree in Wisconsin can choose from a variety of programs including those specializing in exercise science, sports psychology, physical therapy assisting, and physical therapy.

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