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Sports Medicine Practitioner Salary in Arkansas - AR

Sports medicine positions in allied health include physical therapist and physical therapist assistant, occupational therapist and occupational therapist assistant, fitness trainer, fitness center director, exercise physiologist, recreational therapist and kinesiologist. Salaries for these positions tend to be generous.

The average sports medicine salary in Arkansas would be hard to pin down, with all of the possibilities in sports medicine that exist. Instead, we will turn to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the pay rates they provide for the following sports medicine careers throughout Arkansas, including Fayetteville, Little Rock and Jonesboro:

  • Rehabilitation counselors:  $36,890
  • Health educators:  $36,050
  • Postsecondary health specialties teachers:  $47,640
  • Athletes and sports competitors:  $28,940
  • Coaches and scouts:  $42,920
  • Occupational therapists:  $76,260
  • Physical therapists:  $74,310
  • Recreational therapists:  $37,230
  • Exercise physiologists:  $76,390
  • Fitness trainers:  $42,480
  • Occupational therapist assistants:  $49,850
  • Physical therapist assistants:  $46,300
  • Massage therapists:  $34,160

Positions that require a graduate degree (such as occupational therapist) usually pay more than those requiring an undergraduate degree (like occupational therapist assistant). In addition, positions located within metropolitan areas of Arkansas usually pay higher salaries than those in suburban or rural areas of Arkansas.

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