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Sports Medicine Practitioner Salary in Georgia - GA

What is the average sports medicine salary in Georgia? To start, sports medicine salaries are directly related to occupation. For instance, according to the Georgia Department of Labor, physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians ($209,380/yr.) can expect much higher salaries than athletic trainers ($41,747/yr.) because medical physicians require significantly more formal education, clinical training, patient care experience, medical skills, and national credentialing examinations prior to employment compared to athletic trainers.

Meanwhile, fitness trainers can expect to receive $36,566/yr. or $17.58/hr.), while fitness and wellness coordinators are typically paid $78,124/yr. or $37.56/hr. Furthermore, physical therapists may earn $76,530/yr. or $36.79/hr. whereas physical therapist assistants tend to earn a lower pay closer to $48,676/yr. or $23.40/hr. Similarly, occupational therapists ($69,253/yr. or $33.29/hr.) are compensated with higher salaries and wages than occupational therapist assistants ($51,736/yr. or $24.87/hr.).

However, sports medicine salaries do not just differ between occupations. For instance, employees working within the same profession could earn different salaries depending on geographic location, job responsibility, and industry of employment. Regardless of these factors, professionals that strive for success by getting nationally certified, earning advanced degrees, and seeking training in additional fields of sports medicine are more likely to reach their salary earning potentials in Georgia than those that only satisfy the minimum requirements to practice.

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