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Sports Medicine Practitioner Salary in Maryland - MD

Because of the variation among positions found in the discipline of sports medicine, the average sports medicine salary in Maryland differs depending upon one’s job title. Generally speaking, professionals who hold a graduate degree in sports medicine tend to earn higher annual pay than those with an undergraduate degree. Other than that, however, there is no real consistency among salaries for sports medicine practitioners in Maryland.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) lists the following average salaries for sports medicine professions in Maryland:

  • Physical therapist:  $86,190
  • Occupational therapist:  $78,990
  • Exercise physiologist:  $53,000
  • Physical therapy assistant:  $47,000
  • Recreational therapist:  $45,440
  • Athletic trainer:  $45,310
  • Coach:  $39,890
  • Fitness trainer:  $36,510

Within the state, salaries for sports medicine professionals tend to differ as well, with rural, non-metropolitan areas typically paying sports medicine practitioners less than suburban or metropolitan areas. Some positions in sports medicine in Maryland, such as physical therapist or occupational therapist, may require state or national certification, or may offer certification as an option. Usually, certified professionals make more than non-certified professionals within the discipline, so becoming certified may raise your salary.

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