How To Become a Substance Abuse Counselor In Alabama | Substance Abuse Counselor Certification

Become a Substance Abuse Counselor in Alabama - AL

Alabama offers a number of certifications along with several certificated categories in substance abuse counseling: criminal justice, counselor certification and prevention certification. The counselor certification starts with the Associate Addictions Professional (AAP) that requires the least amount of preparation time.  The Masters Level Addiction Professional (MLAP) is the highest certificate you can achieve in Alabama. The Alabama Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association (AADAA) is the body that administers the certification. Substance abuse counselor certification in Alabama begins with your individual certification goal as you choose the number of supervised training and degree requirements you prefer.

For instance, if you decide you want to become an AAP connected to one of the premier medical facilities in Alabama such as Huntsville Hospital, Mobile Infirmary Medical Center, Saint Vincent's Birmingham, or Dekalb Regional Medical, you will need a minimum of 150 hours of educational training along with 150 hours of supervised field experience. You must also take a state exam in order to obtain a state license. To become an MLAP, your educational goal is a master’s degree. An MLAP also needs many more hours of experience as a trainee in substance abuse counseling than an AAP. An MLAP will need to take an exam, just as the AAP, to obtain a state license. The steps for each certificate are the same: Education, training, exam, and license. The only difference will be your choice of the number of years of education and training you want to achieve.

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