Become a Substance Abuse Counselor in Florida - FL

Would you like to become a substance abuse counselor in Florida?  Keep in mind that being a chemical dependency professional is challenging.  Your job will involve treating addicts who are struggling to put their lives back together. You will often be called upon to intervene in crisis situations, and you may need to be on call nights and weekends.  However, working in the addiction counseling field in the state of Florida can be very rewarding.  You will have the opportunity to use a variety of skills, and your efforts can make a real difference in your patients’ lives.

You can become a substance abuse counselor in Florida with an associate’s degree, but career advancement generally requires a bachelor’s degree or higher.  In Florida, becoming certified as a substance abuse counselor is voluntary.  However, the best job opportunities will be available only to those who go through the certification process.  Florida offers three levels of certification based on the applicant’s education and work experience: Certified Associate Addiction Professional I, Certified Associate Addiction Professional II, and Certified Addiction Professional, which is the highest certification level.  With your certification, and the proper education and training, you will have the opportunity to work as a substance abuse counselor in some of the finest medical facilities in Florida, including Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville, Florida Hospital Orlando in Orlando, Mount Sinai Medical Center and Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, and Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood.

Substance Abuse Counselor Schools