How To Become a Substance Abuse Counselor Iowa

Become a Substance Abuse Counselor in Iowa - IA

The Iowa Board of Certification (IBC) offers varying levels of certification for substance abuse and addictions counselors in the state.  The process has become more rigorous for substance abuse counselors in Iowa than it typically was in the past. Those who want to be certified as Master Addictions Counselors, for instance, will need to earn a master’s degree. In order to become a substance abuse counselor in Iowa you will initially need to enroll in a college level program focused on substance abuse specifically or another related field of psychology. Experience in the field will also be required as part of your preparation to enter this career.

It may take as many as two years to accrue the number of experiential hours needed to earn professional credentials in this field. The degree program you choose will impact this requirement, as earning a master’s degree allows you to have fewer hours of field experience logged prior to certification.  Essentially, the less education you have, the more hours of practical experience you will need before you apply for your board certificate in Iowa. After the education component is completed, along with qualified supervised experience, you are ready to complete the certification process that includes the application, background check, and board exam.

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