How To Become a Substance Abuse Counselor South Dakota

Become a Substance Abuse Counselor in South Dakota - SD

If you are considering becoming a substance abuse counselor in South Dakota, one thing that you should be familiar with is the certification process. The certification process was established to test and evaluate the overall competency of professionals in this field. Through the certification process, substance abuse counselors in South Dakota are recognized for both their talent and contributions to the field.  

Substance abuse counselor certification in South Dakota is available from the South Dakota Certification Board for Alcohol and Drug Professionals (SDCBADP). The mission of this organization is to assist with credentialing and continuing professional development through testing measures.

The SDCBADP does require certain courses to be completed as a prerequisite to certification, including:

  • Intro to Alcohol Use and Abuse
  • Intro to Drug Use and Abuse
  • Alcohol and Drug Group Counseling
  • Professional Ethics
  • Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Upon passage of the written examination, you will be recognized as a Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor (CCDC).

Chemical dependency counselors in South Dakota are expected to be in high demand in the future. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projected that substance abuse counseling careers will increase by at least 21% by 2018. With demand on the rise, substance abuse counselors in South Dakota should not find a shortage of work.

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