Drug Counselor Salary in Colorado - CO

The average drug counselor salary in Colorado is about ten percent lower than the national average for substance abuse counselor positions.  However, salaries can vary widely within the state based on geographical location and local conditions.  The state-wide average national salary for a substance abuse counselor in Colorado is $40,000 a year.  Salaries in Colorado‚Äôs more densely populated, urban areas tend to hover around this average or dip a bit lower.  The average annual salary for a substance abuse counselor in Denver is $39,000.  In Colorado Springs, the figure is slightly lower, at $38.000 per year.  However, demand for substance abuse counselors is actually higher in more isolated, remote, and rural regions, of which there are many in Colorado.  Along with enjoying higher demand in these areas, substance abuse counselors also enjoy higher salaries.  

According to figures and projections issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, substance abuse counselors will continue to enjoy great career opportunities throughout the coming decade.  The number of positions available for substance abuse counselors is predicted to grow by up to 21 percent in the ten year period ending in 2018.  In addition, there will be more open positions than qualified candidates to fill them, contributing to demand for substance abuse counselors and keeping salaries high. 

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