Substance Abuse Counselor Salary in Connecticut - CT

Drug Counselor Salary in Connecticut - CT

The average annual drug counselor salary in Connecticut is $47,000.  This is five percent higher than the average salary nationally for substance abuse counselors.  However, salaries may fluctuate within the state depending on local conditions including cost of living and demand for addiction counseling services.  Salaries actually tend to be lower in Connecticut’s larger cities and densely populated areas.  For instance, the average annual drug counselor salary in New Haven is $39,000.  In Hartford and Wallingford, the average wage is $41,000 a year.  In Bridgeport, the average substance abuse counselor takes home $44,000 a year.  These slightly lower annual salaries are likely due to the tendency of substance abuse counselors to cluster around the major medical facilities located in these urban and suburban areas.  Salaries are higher in rural areas where demand is higher and where the more elite private drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities are located.

Overall demand for the services of substance abuse counselors in Connecticut and nationwide is expected to remain strong and grow stronger for the foreseeable future.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that opportunities for qualified substance abuse counselors will grow much faster than the national average for all occupations throughout the next decade.  This heightened demand will likely contribute to higher salaries for certified and licensed professionals in this field.  

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