Substance Abuse Counselor Salary in Delaware - DE

Drug Counselor Salary in Delaware - DE

The average substance abuse counselor salary in Delaware is slightly below the national average at $43,000 a year.  It is important to observe that average pay for substance abuse counselors may vary significantly within the state depending on geographical location and prevailing local conditions.

The average annual salary for a chemical dependency professional in Newark, Delaware is $40,000.  Substance abuse counselors in Seaford make about $37,000 a year, and the annual wages for an addiction counselor in Dover averages $35,000.  Becoming certified or licensed enhances the earning potential of a substance abuse counselor as does earning an advanced degree in a field related to the human or behavioral sciences.

Demand for substance abuse counselors is expected to grow swiftly.  Many communities are turning to substance abuse counselors, rather than to prisons, to treat drug offenders and drunk drivers.  Moreover, as the prevalence of addiction in the general public becomes more widely acknowledged, a greater number of addicts have become willing to admit their condition and seek professional help.  As public awareness and education concerning substance abuse continues to develop, the demand for counseling services in this area will also continue to grow.
The heightened demand for substance abuse counselors will help lift and maintain salaries for highly qualified professionals in the field.

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