Substance Abuse Counselor Salary in Florida - FL

Drug Counselor Salary in Florida - FL

Drug counselor salaries in Florida average out at $39,000 a year.  Florida is a large state, and salaries can vary from city to city.  For instance, the average annual salary for a substance abuse counselor in Miami or Hollywood is $38,000.  The average salary for a substance abuse counselor in Orlando is $35,000 while a substance abuse counselor in Jacksonville can expect to make an average of $36,000 a year.  An advanced degree will dramatically increase your earning potential as a substance abuse counselor, as well as your opportunities for advancement within the field.  In addition, although certification as a substance abuse counselor is voluntary in Florida, certified addiction counselors have an edge in the job market and make significantly more money than those who forego the certification process.

Job prospects for substances abuse counselors in Florida are excellent since demand for the services these professionals provide is on the rise within the state.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that available positions for substance abuse counselors will increase up to 21%, significantly higher than the national average for all professions, in the next decade.  In addition, it is expected that the increase in available positions will outstrip the number of qualified professionals who enter the field.

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