Substance Abuse Counselor Salary in Georgia - GA

Drug Counselor Salary in Georgia - GA

The average drug counselor salary in Georgia is $43,000.  This figure is five percent higher than the national average for substance abuse counselors. Annual salaries may vary somewhat at different locations throughout the state.  Substance abuse counselors in Atlanta, Marietta, and North Decatur all make an average of $42,000 per year.  Salaries tend to be slightly higher in rural areas where there are fewer substance abuse counselors and demand for chemical dependency professionals is consequently higher.   Aspiring substance abuse counselors in Georgia who wish to maximize their earning potential should remember that substance abuse counselors who pursue bachelor’s degrees or higher and who become certified make significantly more than their counterparts who do not pay as much attention to their educational and professional credentials.

The occupation outlook for substance abuse counselors is very positive, both in Georgia and nationwide.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of substance abuse counselor positions will grow by approximately 21% in the ten-year period ending in 2018.  This growth rate is substantially higher than that projected on average for other professions.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics also predicts that there will be more open positions than qualified substance abuse counselors to fill them.  This will contribute to the growing demand for substance abuse counselors and place upward pressure on salaries in this field.

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