Substance Abuse Counselor Salary in Hawaii - HI

Drug Counselor Salary in Hawaii - HI

The average annual drug counselor salary in Hawaii is $33,000, approximately 19 percent lower than the average salary for substance abuse counselors nationwide.  Potential substance abuse counselors should keep in mind that average salaries can fluctuate within the state, from city to city, depending on local conditions.  The average annual salary for an addiction counselor in Honolulu is $30,000, while the wages average $29,000 a year for substance abuse counselors in Hilo.  These variations are caused by a number of factors, including local cost of living and demand for substance abuse counselors.  You should always take into consideration rents and other essential costs in your city of choice when evaluating salaries.  Also, keep in mind that demand for substance abuse counselors tends to be higher in more rural and remote areas than it is in major metropolitan areas, and salaries are correspondingly higher.

The number of available positions for substance abuse counselors is expected to grow significantly faster than the average for other professions nationwide in the coming decade. 
Indeed, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that there will be more available positions for substance abuse counselors than there will be qualified professionals to fill them.  As demand rises, salary will most likely rise as well.

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