Substance Abuse Counselor Salary in Illinois - IL

Drug Counselor Salary in Illinois - IL

The average drug counselor salary in Illinois is $43,000 a year, 5 percent higher than average nationwide salaries for chemical dependency professionals.  There may be variations in average salary throughout the state, depending on city location and economic factors unique to each municipality.  While the statewide average annual salary for substance abuse counselors is $43,000, annual wages average $40,000 in Chicago and $41,000 in Evanston and Oak Lawn.  Salaries for substance abuse counselors are higher for those with more experience in the field and with more impressive education credentials.  Substance abuse counselors with bachelor’s degrees or master’s degrees have the potential to make considerably more than their colleagues who have only a high school diploma or degree from a certificate program or community college.  In addition, substance abuse counselors who specialize in the treatment of particular patient populations, such as women, adolescents, or the elderly, stand to earn higher salaries.

Future substance abuse counselors in Illinois can look forward to a number of opportunities for employment, advancement, and salary increases in the coming decade.  According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, available jobs for substance abuse counselors will rise by 21 percent in the ten-year period ending in 2018.  Demand for substance abuse counseling services will remain high and exceed the number of trained, education professionals available to fill open job slots.  This trend should place upward pressure on salaries in the field.  

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