Substance Abuse Counselor Salary in Indiana - IN

Drug Counselor Salary in Indiana - IN

According to the Riley guide, “There are about 83,000 jobs for people working as drug abuse counselors.�? The unemployment rate in Indiana is expected to remain low for anyone seeking a career in this occupation. The substance abuse counselor salary in Indiana will largely depend on the level of education you have. The greater the education, the more desirable you will be to prospective employers and the better the compensation. The more education you receive, the greater your professional knowledge and skill level. Another factor in determining your salary is employment setting.

For example, Indiana has several metro areas that more than likely will offer a greater number of jobs than more rural and outlying communities. Many cities, such as Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, and Evansville will also have a higher cost of living. Therefore you can expect your salary to be on par with these additional costs. Who you work for will also make a difference. If you work at a church, or other nonprofit, your salary may be less than at a major health facility. According to a drug counselor salary will be $30,000 to $50,000 per year. Factoring in additional benefits such as paid time off; your annual package could go higher.

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