Substance Abuse Counselor Salary in Kansas - KS

Drug Counselor Salary in Kansas - KS

Once a student has completed the necessary education and is ready to enter the workforce, the next step is determining what opportunities await you in this career. Current employers are located in licensed substance abuse programs serving outpatient and residential clients. They are also found in assessment centers, community health facilities, hospitals, and a variety of educational and preventative programs. Two state operated organization that need the skills of a drug counselor are the Kansas Social and Rehabilitation Services (SRS) and the Kansas Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Programs (ADSAP).

According to the Kansas Association of Addiction Professionals (KAAP), about 70% of the substance abuse counselor salary in Kansas falls below $35,000 a year. Included in this statistic is the level of education most counselors attain. More than 79% of all practicing substance abuse counselors will have at least a bachelor’s degree. Increasing your level of education can only enhance your chances of being employed and receiving a better salary offer. While you are considering where you any want to work, keep in mind that major cities tend to attract a higher population of people seeking the assistance of a rehabilitation center or program. There you may find more employment listings available, often with the highest compensation package.

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