Substance Abuse Counselor Salary in Louisiana - LA

Drug Counselor Salary in Louisiana - LA

The career outlook for the substance abuse counselor in Louisiana is good. According to the Bureau or Labor Statistics, employment opportunities will continue to increase at a rapid pace as more substance abusers are sent to treatment programs, rather than jail.

The substance abuse counselor salary in Louisiana is largely based on which career track you have chosen to follow. Many job postings in Louisiana seek those job applicants who have received the highest level of education and certification. Both of these factors will not only make you more employable, they will also afford you a better paying salary. The other benefit will come later down the road as you seek to move up the ladder into supervisory or lead positions.

The average annual salary for the substance abuse counselor in Louisiana starts at $40,000, and tops out at $80,000, according to These figures are not set in stone however. Where you live, who your employer is, how much additional training you have, and what additional designations you have acquired all impact the eventual salary package. Other things such as pension plan matching funds, healthcare for you and your family, leave time and vacation, all contribute to the value of the position you may eventually accept.

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